Carole Milos was born in Milwaukee WI and was raised in nearby Oak Creek by her creative mom and three older brothers. Her mom worked as a nurse and drug and alcoholism counselor. Her dad worked as a welder and truck mechanic. Carole developed a love for art early on as it helped her overcome her inherent shyness.  
She met and married the love of her life just following her art studies in college. She has lived and worked in Wisconsin her entire life. She's worked in several positions as they raised their two kids. Most recently she worked for the past 15 years as an Executive Assistant and Director of Administration for Better Business Bureau Serving Wisconsin. Working on art as a hobby while raising kids and supporting her husband through years of night school.
In recent years, Carole has been focusing on painting and fine art full-time. Trying to develop a business that will allow her continue to create art and support the arts into her retirement years. 
Carole's been studying art since grade school. Taking art classes and computer classes along the way. She studied fine art at Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD). She was trained in AutoCad and computer graphics. Using programs like Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. 
Working for the BBB serving Wisconsin in the development of small business marketplace trust has given her skills in business development, problem solving, marketing and communications.
Carole married Dan just out of college.  Dan is a former process engineer from the tool and die metal stamping industry. Dan currently works as a certified public accountant for Small Business Accounting Solutions, LLC, working to help support the growth and development of small businesses in the Milwaukee area. They have two wonderful kids in their 20's who work in finance and IT analytics.
Artist Statement
"If you're going to buy one piece of art this year, please make it an original work of art to help support the arts. "
"As an artist who draws, paints, and uses multiple mediums, making art is a need for me, an essential for life. It is a release that allows me to slow down my brain, refocus and live positively in the moment. I see art everywhere and in everything. My art is generally derived from nature and can be realistic, impressionistic, and abstract." 
My mission is not only to create timeless art but to also support art education and new avenue's of art distribution.


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