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FFlower Projects

Flowers are such tiny masterpieces of nature. I can't get over the variety. Each one seems to have a completely different story. Much like people, each flower is unique and should be celebrated. I try to treat each flower and tree as a portrait painting. emphasising the uniqueness of every stem, leaf or petal. 

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I've been very drawn to lillies my entire life. This painting is an oil painting I made im my backyard.  I love the way oil paint can represent the feel of a petal. 

Red & White Tulips

I've painted several red and white tulips over the years. This was a series of four panels I painted together. I find the history of the value of tulips facinating. 

Red and White Tulip 2 of 2 right_edited.jpg
Backlit sunflowers SOLD_edited.jpg


I've probably painted dozens of sunflowers in the past three years. I'm facinated with how they rise and face the sun each day then bow their heads at night as if in a graceful thank you. 


I see bees and butterflies like birds. Each one has a job to do and just keeps going from one flower to another with more grace and excitement each time. 

This painting was done after showing for the Lake Geneva Conservancy. I learned so much about the flowers native to Wisconsin and their importance. 

Pollinators Garden sm_LI_edited.jpg