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Went to the funeral for the father of a friend of the family's yesterday. It really made me see how poor self-esteem effects every part of life. How you see the world makes such a big difference in how you approach life.

Studied Jasper Johns video this morning, he was interesting. I liked how he works from his mind through his past actions and included objects around him. It was nice to see the actual footage of him in his studio.

I've had something else on my mind this morning. This week I watched a video that talked about approaching fear in the moment. The video I watched talked about the 5 second rule, of how you basically have 5 seconds to be brave enough to do something you fear before your brain talks you out of it. It said, get it out before the 5 seconds, don't filter your thoughts before you talk, just get it out..

I really struggle with this concept because I've generally been someone who doesn't filter what they say enough, I'm often told if you just slowed down 10 - 15% you will make better decisions. If I put these two concepts together it helps me to understand why I don't filter, I don't filter because I'm so shy, I fear if I don't say it now, I just won't say it.

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