A day filled with love and so many memories...

Mom passed away today, surrounded by her family and her pastor.

Mom was asking to go to Angel's Grace the full care hospice center. Her home care hospice nurses weren't saying she wasn't ready for full hospice care yet but Mom was saying she was ready. So Jeanne moved her in just two days ago. On Saturday Nov 25th, I spent the afternoon with them as they settled in.

On Monday morning, I received a call from Jeannie stating she's taken a turn for the worse. I called and emailed all of my brothers and my aunt from the 1 hr car ride. Letting them know that I would give them an update when I arrived.

I arrived to discover that mom had developed pneumonia and was not going to make it more than three days. She squeezed my hand when I arrived so I knew that she knew we were there. But she was very unresponsive the rest of the day. We spent the day calling family and friends updating people and sharing stories about mom.

She passed that evening at about 8:40 pm just after my nephew was playing his cello for her. She loved hearing him play the cello. She passed away quickly with her loved ones by her side. Not an easy day but a day filled with love and so many memories...

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