Our Work

Trees have become very special to me. They represent people and the past. Often gnarly showing scars, breakages, and changes with the utmost patience and dignity. I have been very drawn to draw and paint and represent trees in my work. 


Carole_Milos_The Dance_edited.jpg

Angel Oak Tree Projects

This entire project series started with my trip to Ireland in February 2020. I was going to see the Book of Kells on display at Trinity College in Dublin on our first day. I decided then that I was going to try to paint a tree that reminded me of the gnarly trees I expected to see in Ireland . . . 

Pine Tree Project

This project started by me wanting to document the process of painting a tree. I navagated through my local parks to find just the right tree. I ended up a Greenfield Park near my home to find this beauty. It ended up as a comissioned work for the Kornuth's 50th Wedding Anniversary titled "Kevin Loves Kathy" which is now faintly inscribed on the tree. . .

Kevin Loves Kathy 30 x 40_edited.jpg
Tree at night_LI_edited_edited.jpg

Trees in Multiple Panels

I was only painting on the weekends at this time and I was experimenting with layering acrylic mediums and ended up making several multiple panel paintings, some of which were heavily textured abstract trees. . .

Winter Trees

I just love seeing trees covered in snow and ice glistening in the sun. Painting them has taught me so much about my paintings in general. This was a wonderful concept tree with cardinals. 

Cardinals close up_edited_edited_edited.