Our Work


Waterfalls generall represent new beginnings for me. I've created several for different people who were starting new paths in their lives. I have such a love of rocks too so many of my water paintings include rocks and water. 

Waterfall From Imagination_edited_edited

Waterfall From Imagination

I've been slowly trying to use my imagination more and more as a base for my paintings. This 24" x 36" painting started as a massive paint sploch from which I could slowly start to see a waterfall emerge. 

Prindle Creek

Prindle Creek Oregon, is where my my Uncle Daniel lived. He used to send the most amazing photos my way. I started this painting months before he unexpectly passed away as part of a 2 hour painting challenge I was giving myself as a way to loosen up my paintings. Strangely it became one of my tightest paintings to date. . . and the original went to someone who needed it more.

a prindle creek_edited_edited.jpg

Snowqualmie Falls

This was my first waterfall I had ever done. I was comissioned to paint Snowqualamie Falls for our retiring Pastor. It was a place she was very fond of when she was young. 


This painting was a great painting that ended up looking like your view through a car wash. It was done for a show in Oconomowoc and one of my first shows.