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Sunflower Painting Examples

Below are examples of most of the sunflower paintings I've done. 

I Love Sunflowers.jpg

Donated Sun Flower Paintings

These two 12" x 12" paintings were donated to a school auction through the Villa Terrace in Milwaukee. They were made as part of a fundraiser called "The Art of Poetry Soiree" that pairs up grade school poets with adult artists. We were asked to pick a poem and create a painting that showcases that poem.

My poem was done by Christopher, Age  9. titled "Sunflowers", I love sunflowers, Flowers grow in the summer, They die in winter

Bow to Nature.jpg

Bow to Nature and Majesty

Both of these sunflower paintings are 15" wide by 30" tall x 1.5" deep paintings framed in similar white wooden low profile float frames.  

Sunflower Energy.jpg

Sunflower Energy

This is a large Caran d' Ache Water color Pastel painting of sunflowers. It is a 22" x 33" image framed in a oak frame with dark blue matting.  

Backlit sunflowers (2).jpg

Back lit Sunflower Painting

This is another 15" x 30" x 1.5" deep sunflower painting that sold to a couple in Illinois area.

Pen and Ink Sunflower_edited.jpg

SunFlower Donated

This was a simple small 8" watercolor and pen and ink flower that was donated to a few friends of mine who are self declared tree huggers. 


Alcohol Ink Painting

This was a simple small 8" alcohol ink painting on a 1.5" deep canvas. 

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