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Figures and Portraits

Drawing the human figure and portraits have been a passion of mine since before I started college. It's the ultimate challenge to accurately depict someone's physical body and to even partially portray their soul. Below are some of my favorites. 

Tony Comission Sample 4.jpg

Tony Series

Tony Jensen is a wonderful jazz pianist, for whom I created this series in late 2023. The two upper images are hand colored image transfers that measure 11" x 14" each mounted to wood panels. They were created from wonderful video stills taken by my friend Holly and the lower are all hand colored Gelli plate monoprints.

India Ink Study

In 2022 and 2023, I was talking a few classes through the Sharon Lynn Wilson Center with Eriks Johnson as a teacher. This was my first india ink study of the professional life model Joseph of I've added some green ink to a copy of the image for effect. 

Figure Study

Here are a few more figure studies from my classes at Sharon Lynn Wilson Center under Eriks Johnson. Not sure of the name of this model.  These are typically done just on newsprint with a china pencil.

Sore Toe.jpg

This is an image I call "Sore Toe", it was my first attempt to draw an image directly for a 11" x 17" Gelli plate monoprint. I love the old world look of it. I created it as a sample for a Gelli plate printing demo I did for the Milwaukee Sketch Club in Nov 2023.

Gelli Plate Drawing

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