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Flower Paintings

Flowers are such tiny masterpieces of nature. I can't get over the variety. Each one seems to have a completely different story. Much like people, each flower is unique and should be celebrated. I try to treat each flower and tree as a portrait painting, emphasizing the uniqueness of every stem, leaf or petal. 

Orange LILLY.jpg

Orange Lilies

I've been very drawn to lilies my entire life. I loved the way the sun was hitting the flowers and the green leaves. This painting is an oil painting I made in my backyard.  I love the way oil paint can represent the thickness of the leaves and petals. This unframed painting is 16" x 20" x .5" It is an oil painting. Most of my paintings are done in acrylic, so this one is rare for me. This painting sold through Serendipity Boutique in Greendale.

Red and white tulips 1 of 2 Right.jpg
Red and White Tulip 2 of 2 right_edited.jpg
Red and White Tulips 1 of 2 Left.jpg
Red and White Tulips 2 of 2 Left.jpg
Red & White from Above

Red and White Tulips Series

I've painted several red and white tulips over the years. This was a series of four panels I painted together. I find the history of the value of tulips fascinating. This is a series of (4) small 12" x 12" x 1.5" red and white tulip paintings. Which I sold separately. I still have the two left ones and the smaller 8" square tulip from on view at Hillside Family Dental in WI for sale. 

Backlit sunflowers (2).jpg

Sun Flower Paintings

I've probably painted dozens of sunflowers in the past three years. I'm fascinated with how they rise and face the sun each day then bow their heads at night as if in a graceful thank you to nature.


This is just one of dozens of sunflower paintings I've created over the past 5 years. I'll link here to a page of only sunflowers so you can see some of them. A few are so old I no longer have photos of them. 


I see bees and butterflies like birds. Each one has a job to do and just keeps going from one flower to another with grace and excitement.  

This painting was done after showing for the Lake Geneva Conservancy. I learned so much about the flowers native to Wisconsin and their importance. 

This was a creative painting meant to focus your attention on the purple pollinator in the middle. I'm proud to say it resides with a true nature lover who appreciates this plant more than most. The final acrylic painting is 15" x 30" tall x 1.5" deep and unframed. 

Pollinators Garden 2.jpg

White Bleeding Hearts

This is a simple painting of the white bleeding hearts from my garden. I just loved the way the delicate web was attached to the top of the stem and tried to capture it the best I could.  This small 12" x 24" x 1.5" unframed acrylic painting was sold through Serendipity Boutique in Greendale. I hope the owners love it as much as I enjoyed painting the delicate white lights within it. 

Bleeding Hearts.jpg


This is a Caran D'Ache Water Color Pastel Painting done as part of a series I created in 2001.  I tried to capture the hearty green stems and leaves. They are each approximately 22" x 33" and framed in a heavy wooden frame.

This one was renamed after my mom when she passed away as Daffodils were one of her favorite flowers. Her maiden name was Dillon so we call them Daffidillons. 

White Flowers Together8.jpg

White Azaleas

These were drawn from some Azalea's I picked up from the local market. They were exceptionally beautiful with the sun hitting them. I took multiple photos of the flowers and combined the best ones for this image.  They are matted and framed in a green matt and light colored wood. The final size of each is  13.5" x 32" x .5" I sold (2) full size color Giclée's of this image back in 2001. One was to my doctor before she moved to California and the second was to one of my neighbors. The photo is an old one and doesn't do it justice.



This is another Caran D'Ache Water Color Pastel Painting done from a viewing at Boerner Botanical Gardens. The final image is approximately 22" x 33" and is framed and matted to match the Daffidillons painting.

This was the first flower painting I did in 2001. I love the color of the tulips and the texture of the leaves in stems against the background.

Red Zinna 2_edited.jpg
Red Zinna Teenager_edited.jpg

Red Zinnia's

This is a a series of (2)  20" x 20" x 1.5" deep unframed paintings of red zinnia's. Each Zinnia is at a different state of development. The flowers on the right look like a teenager and the flowers on the left look like an adult bloom. These are a beautiful set of flowers and would look great in a contemporary setting.

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