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Water Paintings

Water generally represents new beginnings for me. I've created several projects for different people who were starting new paths in their lives. Most of the time, I'm just creating art by following my instincts. It's a fun way to create. It's like once the art is created, it takes on a life of it's own. Below are examples of paintings I've done that all have water as a main theme. I've included a short description of the project , final size of the painting, and the outcome.

White Potato Lake - Purple Bliss.jpg

White Potato Lake - Purple Bliss

I have been working on creating sunset images lately. I love how colorful they are. This purple sunset looks like there are fingers crawling from the water. This unframed painting is 20" x 20" x 1.5" I loved purple and orange sky reflecting into the water. The final painting looks so blissful. I could stare at it all day.

Waves Crashing.jpg

Crashing Waves of Love

I've been slowly trying to use my imagination more and more as a base for my paintings. This unframed 36" x 36" x 1.5" painting started as an abstract painting with a  massive paint sploch from which I could slowly start to see a waves crashing against rocks emerge. This painting sold at Serendipity Boutique in Greendale, WI. I think of water as a fresh start. This painting keep feeling like waves of love crashing against the rocks. So I made it more literal than most of my art.

Waterfall From Imagination.jpg

Water Falls from Imagination

This painting started as a rock and cliff scene and as I let it be, I saw the Waterfalll emerge.  I often leave a painting sit for a time then step back and look at the image emerging and try to enhance what I'm seeing in my imagination. The final painting is 24" wide by  36" tall x 1.5" deep and unframed. 

a prindle creek.jpg

Prindle Creek

Prindle Creek Oregon, is where my my Uncle Daniel lived.  I started this painting months before he unexpectedly passed away. It started as two hour painting, an unconventional way to loosen up my paintings, and paint faster for the upcoming Art64Tosa event. Strangely, probably due to several unexpected deaths in the family, it became one of my tightest paintings to date. . . . I'm often attracted to scenes with strong darks and lights. I fell in love with the rushing water and the play of light and shadow against all of the rocks.  This acrylic painting was donated to a private individual and carries a plaque in their honor. The final painting measures 24" tall x 36" wide x 1.5" deep canvas.  Two (2) reprints on metallic finish photo paper were done for my niece and nephew in Oregon. The original is framed in a handmade rustic float frame. My first handmade frame. 

Weeping Willow, Carole Milos_edited.jpg

Weeping Willow

This is a small unframed painting of a few willow branches leaning over the water in the rain. I just loved how these looked. It was like the tree was crying into the water creating symmetrical ripples. The final unframed painting is 12" x 24" tall by 1.5" deep and now resides in a personal home in Milwaukee County and sold through Serendipity Boutique in Greendale.

Lily Pad sq.jpg

Water Lily

This painting was my first water lily. What a wonderfully clean flower considering it's growing up from the mud and muck on the lake floor. This is a small 20" x 20" x 1.5" deep unframed painting.  I enjoyed painting the thickness of the flower and tried to capture how reflective the white petals were. The final painting now resides in a personal home in Milwaukee County and sold through Inspiration Studios in West Allis.


This painting was another first for me. It was my very first waterfall painting. I was commissioned to paint Snoqualmie Falls in Washington State for our retiring Pastor. It was a place she was very fond of when she was young.  It was created from a combination of multiple image sources to create the ultimate spring day at Snoqualmie Falls. A place I've never visited but will need to go see now. The final painting is framed in a white float frame and measures. 15" wide by 30" tall x 1.5" deep. 



This painting was a great experimental painting that ended up looking like your view through a car wash. It was done for a show at Shorehaven Senior Center in Oconomowoc and one of my first shows. This acrylic painting measures 24" tall x 36" wide x 1.5" deep acrylic on canvas. It sold at  that show. 

Abstract waters.jpg

Abstract Water Reflections

This painting was an experiment in pour painting.  It was done for fun. It turned out beautifully. The original measures 15" x 30" x .50". It resides in the home of a rescue dog lover who purchased it through Serendipity Boutique in Greendale, WI. It was originally framed, I eventually pulled it out of the frame and tried to paint the sides of the canvas to match the colors in the front. It made me realize that even my experiments should be done on high quality canvases.

This was an unframed abstract acrylic painting with high texture mediums added to the paint. The original abstract image keep calling me to add a sun setting on the waves. It was a smaller acrylic  painting 12" wide x 18" tall x 1.5" that sold at Inspiration Studios in 2019. In 2021, I met the couple who owns it and they love it.



Water set-1.png

Ripples in the Water

This was a multiple panel painting in acrylic. unframed, it now resides in a local business kitchen. I love the idea of people gazing into the water while relaxing on their lunch hour.  The final is a four (4) panel painting with each panel measuring 28" tall x 22" wide by 1.5" deep. It is unframed.

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