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Tree Paintings

Trees have become very special to me. They represent people and the past. Often gnarly showing scars, breakages, and changes with the utmost patience and dignity. I love looking at trees and often draw and paint them.  

Winter Bliss.jpg

Boerner Botanical Gardens

I just love seeing trees covered in snow and ice glistening in the sun. Painting them has taught me so much about my paintings in general. This was a beautiful winter sunlit day at the Boerner Botanical Gardens near my home.  This painting is 30" tall x 40" wide x 1.5" deep and is currently unframed. It's a beautiful winter scene. I painted it because the sun reflections in the half melted river where just so beautiful. 

Pine Play.jpg

Colorado Pine Tree

This was a small square painting of a Pine Tree from Colorado with one extra long branch. It is a beautiful tree set overlooking the mountains. This small painting is 20" x 20" x .5 " and is framed in a rustic brown frame. It was sold through Serendipity Boutique in Greendale.

Signs of Spring.png

Early Signs of Spring

This was originally a small painting of a bush covered in snow and ice. At some point I realized it needed more than the triangular composition. So I added the cardinal. The winter scene was created from a photo taken on the Root River Parkway. I like the colors that show up in the white snow and the triangular composition. The final painting is framed in a light maple wood float frame and measures just over 16 " x 20" x 1.5" deep. 

Love Shines Thru wo frame Carole Milos.jpg

Angel Oak Tree -
Love Never Ends 

This entire project series started with my trip to Ireland in February 2020. I was going to see the Book of Kells on display at Trinity College in Dublin on our first day. I decided then that I was going to try to paint a tree that reminded me of the gnarly trees I expected to see in Ireland . . . This image is smaller and a more illustrative work of art. It's made with India ink and alcohol ink. The final image size measures 19.5 " x 20.5" x 1.0 and is in a custom frame that also holds a pocket watch and other miscellaneous accessories. It sold at Serendipity Boutique in Greendale.

Carole_Milos_The Dance.jpg

Angel Oak Tree -
The Dance

This was a color representation of the Angel oak Tree in Mississippi. The tree was covered in moss and the limbs just looked like they were alive and dancing. This painting is 30" tall x 40" wide by 1.5" deep. Each of the the limbs really look like they're dancing to me. This sold on my first day of installation at Serendipity Boutique in Greendale.

Still I Rise, Carole Milos.jpg

Angel Oak Tree -
"Still I Rise"

This image started as a drawing in my sketchbook. I loved the drawing so much I wanted to make it into a huge image. I eventually framed it in a large grey frame that adds so much character to the final that I decided to keep this one. It hangs in my living room. This is a Chinese ink drawing on non-traditional Yupo paper. The final Image size with frame is 29" tall x  42" wide. I called it "Still I Rise" because it reminds me of Maya Angelo's poem. It claims to be the oldest oak tree east of the Mississippi. Oh, if this tree could talk, the stories it would tell. 

Yellow Wood 1 of 3 sm.jpg
Yellow Wood 2 of 3 sm.jpg
Yellow Wood 3 of 3 sm.jpg

Diverged in a Yellow Wood

This was a project based of the coloring of a simple greeting card. It turned into a huge three panel set of trees with a path below them. Each of these three paintings are framed in a black frame and measure 24" wide by 36" tall x 1.5" deep.  This beautiful series is on display at a local business.

Tree of Life - Carole Milos.jpg

Tree at Night - Panels

I was only painting on the weekends at this time and I was experimenting with layering acrylic mediums and ended up making several multiple panel paintings, some of which were heavily textured abstract trees. . .This is a 5 panel painting that looks amazing in person. This "Tree at Night" consists on (5) panels that are each 12" x 24" tall.  This work of art is in the offices of a local business.

Golden Reflections

This was a watercolor pastel painting of fall tree reflections at McCarty Park in West Allis. This pastel image now resides in a private home. The final image size is 22" x 33" x .5:" and is framed and matted. 

Abstract Reflections.jpg
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